The company ZTO is a medium sized company in the field of medical aids supply, and the supply of orthopaedic, diabetic and any particular medical shoes.

In order to provide our customers the highest quality, science and technology standard, our company employs 2 masters for technical orthopaedics and 2 master of orthopedic shoemaking, who are supported by their respective teams of qualified personnel.

Not to mention our motivated and friendly employees in rehabilitation technique, in medical supply stores and our office team, to be always of your and our assistance. We have a international Team for international clientele, In ZTO you get the whole services in German, English, Turkish, Arabic and Polish.

Bremen is the best resource for orthoses and prostheses for all limbs. We manufacture your individual adjuvant; adaption to body and your personal needs.
Our well trained
staff fits our patients bodices, bandages and compression products on, works with modern technological means, such as a foot pressure measuring- and scan system. Thus we ensure the highest standards in the shoemaking and insole production.

Our knowledge and experience made ​​it possible to develop a unique form of diabetic foot bed, which allows our diabetes patients a new quality of life.
rehabilitation department of ZTO not only offers the complete product range from walkers to the bedside, we care about you and deliver directly to the house, take care of the building and also provide rental services.

- Around in good hands!